Tailor-made prepreg stacks by Gurit and Voith

Carbon4Stack for an easier, faster, flexible processing of prepregs

  • Design freedom for high performance structural parts
  • Broad range of surface solutions
  • Various resin systems and fibers fit to purpose
  • Ready to mould solution
  • Significant time savings in autoclave operations 
  • Tailored prepreg blanks

A solution making composites production easier and broadens its range of applications.

Our tailored stacks are made of pre-impregnated 50mm-wide UD tapes. Each tape is automatically placed using VRA technology, creating the desired layup. The final stacks are multi-ply laminates with variable thicknesses and local reinforcements, manufactured in near net shape to provide the ideal solution for the customer.

Tailored stacks

  • Reduced manual processes: automated fiber placement with reproducibility of the laminate quality
  • Maximum freedom in fiber orientation: from 0° to 90°, based on customer requirements
  • Cost savings: no labor-intensive operations, reduction of waste with near net shape fiber placement
  • Weight savings: local reinforcement layers allow load-specific material usage. Material is only applied where necessary
  • Best fiber performance: non-crimped and non-stitched fiber placement
  • Online process control and quality assessment

Customized material setup

  • Resin system: formulated according to customer requirements. Glass transition temperatures up to 208 °C are available

  • Fiber: different grades of carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used in the production of the stack to adjust the characteristics of the components

  • Variable tack (low and high)

  • Pre-cut to final shape

  • Hybrid material configuration: customized material combinations of glass and carbon fiber in one single tailored stack possible

Manufacturing processes

Tailored stacks can be impregnated with different solvent free hot-melt resin systems suitable for:

  • Prepreg compression moulding

  • Autoclave processing

  • Out of autoclave
  • Automated as well as manual handling

Sizes and availability

  • Max. size of the stack 1 600 mm x 1 800 mm

  • Variable thickness

  • Flexible production of high and low quantities from prototype phase to serial production


  • Tailored stacks are delivered with a smooth film on the lower side and a diamond embossed film on the top side

  • Storage in sealed vacuum bag at -18 °C

  • Out life at 21 °C: 7 – 50 days, depending on required processing properties of the tailored stack

Technical product support

  • On site support for manufacturing process
  • Layup and draping simulation
  • ayup and draping simulatio
  • Cost and feasibility studies


  • Compliant to UL 94v0, EN 45545, EN 13501 and SOLAS IMO FTP code
  • Qualified to Lloyd‘s Register and DNV-GL
  • Several aerospace certifications
  • ISO 9001, ISO 9100
  • ISO 14001
  • REACH compliant

Typical stack solutions

Various fields of applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and many other industrial applications:

ApplicationProcessing methodTg1 (DSC) [°C]Cure cyclesShelf-life
RT [days]
-18 °C [months]
Fibre type
High volume Class APCM1805 min
at 170 °C
Class APCM
14010 min
at 135 °C
Visual carbonPCM
13030 min
at 130°C
Visual carbon high TGPCM
17030 min
at 180°C
13060 min
at 120°C
12535 min
at 120°C
ToolingAutoclave2086 h at 60 °C
+ postcuring cycle
3 (tack-life)6E-Glass

PCM Prepreg compression moulding
OoA Out of autoclave
FST Fire smoke toxicity
HRR Heat release rate

“I’m very happy that we could win Gurit as a partner. Their broad product range and their expertise as well as their flexibility and high motivation to move this project forward have given us a real boost.”

Andreas Silvan

Program Manager Prepreg Stacks, Voith Composites

“The Voith Roving Applicator NextGen can move composites to the next level. It’s a great way to process our material – flexible, automated and leading to an impressively high quality. Our pilot customers are delighted and so are we.”

Piet Heydorn

Sales Manager, Gurit

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